Announcement: VoxVR – The VR Voxel Editor


VoxVR is an application which allows you to create awesome voxel art in a fun and easy way in VR. It’s way easier to create the models you imagine in VoxVR than using other voxel editors, because you can place voxels right in the air, exactly where you want them to be, without complicated mouse movements.

Built with VoxVR

Some examples, built in Virtual Reality using VoxVR.

Of course VoxVR supports export and import to the most common voxel editors like Magica Voxel and Qubicle. Additionally our software is able to export optimized meshes, so you can import your model into any 3D editing software.

VoxVR Mockup

An marketing image, built in VoxVR and rendered using Blender.

If you want to learn more about VoxVR and help us to get through Steam Greenlight, check VoxVR on Steam Greenlight.


We passed Steam Greenlight. Thank you! You can follow our Steam Store page here.

Michael Lohr

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2016-06-24 00:00 +0000