Broken Vector – November Update



We recently figured out that more people are reading this than we thought. So we decided we want to try publishing these update blogs. In these “updates” we are going to inform you about what changed in the last couple of months. To get notified as soon as a blog post like this goes live, subscribe to our newsletter.

The most important thing to us which changed till the last update / blog entry is that the we passed Steam Greenlight with VoxVR. This means that we now have a Steam page, where you can follow & wishlist VoxVR. You can also follow our Steam Community Group, where we will discuss new features and updates with you.

VoxVR Mockup

A VoxVR Mockup

We recently released four new asset packs:

  • The Low Poly Road Pack, which is a great source for high quality road assets for your game.
  • PolyCount, which helps you optimize your game by counting triangles and vertices.
  • The Low Poly Cliff Pack, which is a modular pack of nice low poly cliff tiles.
  • Favorites List, an editor extension which you can use to quickly jump to your most important objects in Unity.

Low Poly Road Pack Render

The Low Poly Road Pack

We recently received lots of good ratings on the Unity AssetStore. We are really thankful for those, especially for the constructive critique. Thanks ya’ all!

See you next time!


Michael Lohr

228 Words

2016-11-25 00:00 +0000