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Hello World!

More than one year ago, we decided to publish our first plugin to the Unity3D Asset Store called “Fast Grid”. At this time our “developer team” only consisted of Rob and Me. We create games before together, but we always published them using my (Gamejolt) account. But for the Asset Store we needed a publisher name. We searched a long time for a good name with no success. One night, as we programmed some vector-heavy math formula to calculate 3-dimensional movement in space – and nothing worked – , Rob came up with the name “Broken Vector” which sounded amazing. So we ended up using this name as our publisher / team / company name. You can read more about our assets over here.


Our Unity editor plugin FastGrid can help laying out 2D levels

And today, Broken Vector is more than just a Unity Asset Store publisher: We started to publish our games under the name Broken Vector, new members (artists and developers we worked with before) were incorporated, more assets were published (we started publishing 3D-models as well) and today we released this new website (we didn’t have one before).

Free Low Poly Pack

Our Free Low Poly Pack

But Broken Vector is not only about publishing assets and games! We are a small group of people who love to create games. We play and create games together and we help other people with their projects.

If you want to hear more of us check out our social media profiles!



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