VoxVR Devblog #3



We posted the last dev-blog in August. At first we wanted to post one every month, but we simply do not have time for that. So I guess a post every three months is sufficient.

Before I list the changes in VoxVR itself, a few other things:

The most important news is, that we now have a Steam page. That doesn’t mean you are already able to buy VoxVR, but you can follow and wishlist it. With the Steam page we also created a official Steam community group.

We discussed whether VoxVR should be spelled VoxVR or Vox VR. We decided for several reasons, that VoxVR is better (And you agreed in this poll.).

So what changed in VoxVR?

We basically rewrote and reworked most existing systems and code, because we moved from the prototype for Greenlight to a real application. We now have multiple scenes and also work on a menu. As promised in the last dev-blog we made a lot of thoughts and concepts about UI stuff. We figured out most of it, but we are still note sure how to design the menu.

Brushes are also working now. If you have suggestions for new brushes, please don’t hesitate to suggest one in the Steam community forums.

It’s now also possible to import .png images, which then gets voxelized and placed into the world.

We not only fixed tons of bugs, we also automated the way we publish updates to Steam pipe (that’s the tool, which you use to upload your app to steam) and added several debug tools.

Next, we will work on implementing the UI, creating a menu scene and maybe also start working on changing the voxel engine to use multiple threads.

See you soon!

Michael Lohr

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2016-11-25 00:00 +0000