VoxVR Devblog #2


Welcome back!

Since the last devblog we added Collada (.dae) as an export format to expand out compatibility. You can now also load reference images, directly in VoxVR, which helps artists to use their inspiration while creating in VR. Reference images can be loaded while VoxVR is running: Just throw your images into the VoxVR ‘images’-folder. The next big task is the creation of a better UI, that gives the user more freedom, as well as easily presenting all the tools, that we want to implement. The plan for that is already finished. We are also working on minor features like different environments to make you more comfortable, when creating your artwork.

We gave out the first alpha builds to our testers! If you want to test VoxVR and provide us with valuable feedback, please don’t hesitate to ask us (via social media, mail or contact form).

To test the usability, we also create artwork on our own. We recently participated in the Weekly Voxels challenge with the theme “food”. Here is the result:

Broken Food by michidk on Sketchfab

We already sent out the prototype build to some selected people and they made awesome stuff with our software! Aaron Clifford already played VoxVR live on Twitch. You can watch the recording here.

Oh and here is the devblog as video: Devlog

What do you think about the latest changes? Feel free to comment or write us an email!



Michael Lohr

240 Words

2016-08-09 00:00 +0000