VoxVR Devblog #1



We want to give you a first short overview of what we already have implemented and what we are working on right now. First of all we already passed Steam Greenlight! So you will be able to access VoxVR more easily and maybe even share your creations through the Steam workshop. Who knows what will happen?

Of course placing and removing single blocks is already working very well, but to support you with placing blocks and brushes more precisely we also implemented a nice preview that snaps to the blocks you would create when hitting the place-button. That way it is easier for you to predict what is going to happen, without trying over and over again. But this preview is in an early state of development and won’t support brushes for now.

The color-picker is also fully implemented. It uses our special technique, which maps the hue and the saturation + value to two circles which are accessible through the HTC Vive-controller touchpad. By just touching you select the saturation and by pressing you select the color.

And last, but not least the import and export process runs very well. We already tested it with programs like Magica Voxel, Qubicle and Blender and all of them work as expected.

Voxel House by Mezaka on Sketchfab

Of course we did way more than we can currently show, most of the stuff happens ‘behind the scenes’. We always work on improving our new and existing systems. For example we spend tons of time to make the voxel mesh generation algorithm more efficient and faster so that Vox VR runs on every machine.

But where are all the brushes that you so desperately need? Well, we are working on those right now. You can expect the first working brushes in the next dev log. If you have ideas for brushes and / or other suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

We will keep you updated with all the changes of Vox VR frequently and would appreciate your valuable feedback and ideas!



Michael Lohr

344 Words

2016-07-04 00:00 +0000