VoxVR Release
November 3, 2017

VoxVR was recently released and is now available on the Steam store! VoxVR is a creative tool that allows you to create 3D models using cubes in virtual reality. Creating voxel art has never been more intuitive and easier! Stand in your own artwork while creating it or edit your existing creations by importing existing […]

VoxVR Devblog #3
November 25, 2016

Hey! We posted the last dev-blog in august. At first we wanted to post one every month, but we simply do not have time for that. So I guess a post every three months is sufficient. Before I list the changes in VoxVR itself, a few other things: The most important news is, that we […]

VoxVR Devblog #2
August 9, 2016

Welcome back! Since the last devblog we added Collada (.dae) as an export format to expand out compatibility. You can now also load reference images, directly in VoxVR, which helps artists to use their inspiration while creating in VR. Reference images can be loaded while VoxVR is running: Just throw your images into the VoxVR […]

VoxVR Devblog #1
July 4, 2016

Hi! We want to give you a first short overview of what we already have implemented and what we are working on right now. First of all we already passed Steam Greenlight! So you will be able to access VoxVR more easily and maybe even share your creations through the Steam workshop. Who knows what […]

Announcement: VoxVR – The VR Voxel Editor
June 24, 2016

VoxVR is an application which allows you to create awesome voxel art in a fun and easy way in VR. It’s way easier to create the models you imagine in VoxVR than using other voxel editors, because you can place voxels right in the air, exactly where you want them to be, without complicated mouse movements. […]